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Help! I’m Remodeling!

The moment of panic. You’ve finished tiling half of the bathroom floor, only to realize that you measured incorrectly and your tiles will not actually cover the floor evenly. We’ve all been there. That’s why when planning to remodel your bathroom you need to be aware of what NOT to do. Angie’s List has a practical list of five common mistakes that are easy to forget, but just as easy to avoid if we’re aware of them: 5 common bathroom […]

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Kids, Bathrooms, and Clogged Drains

If you have kids in the house, chances are you can relate to this comic:     Even if your kids aren’t quite as creative as Calvin, there are other, easier ways of clogging or damaging a drain. For instance, kids are apt to drop or flush toys down the toilet, whether accidentally or intentionally: “GI Joes are some of the most common toys found in drains. A question that’s popped into every kids’ mind is whether or not their […]

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Bob Vila Bathroom Ideas

Last week I posted an article with some creative ideas for bathroom renovation. This week, I was looking through some Bob Vila articles, and he has so many creative ideas for spicing up a bathroom that I just had to share some more. If you want to give your bathroom a “new look” without actually renovating the entire thing, these ideas are for you. I picked out four to share today. 1.) Why not add some flare to the bathroom with […]

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