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You’ll be surprised to know that ranking third in the list of 7 Places In Your Home That Are Dirtier Than Your Toilet is your KITCHEN SINK!

The place where we prepare our food is relatively dirtier than your bathroom.

A study found that kitchen sinks have more germs than bathroom sinks. The study also found that three-quarters of American kitchen cloths and sponges are heavily contaminated with harmful bacteria, meaning proper clean-up can be difficult.

The idea of microbes lingering in our kitchen sink would raise alarm signals and would probably make you think twice of trusting your kitchen’s sanitation. Before you start condemning that area in your house, find comfort in knowing that there are several ways to significantly improve your kitchen’s hygiene.

Lifestyle.com gives us a few tips on how to use vinegar in different areas (such as dishwasher, kitchen appliances, and cutting boards) for safe, effective and budget-friendly cleaning.



If you want to keep your kitchen immaculate, cleaning it daily would be the perfect way to do it. A daily guide gives to us a step-by-step procedure on how to do it right and it won’t even take too much of your time since you only need 20 minutes of your time daily:


Here is a 30-day plan that will help you clean your kitchen in manageable chunks of time — and keep it gleaming clean without those hours of toil on the weekend.

Household expert Martha Stewart recommends that aside from keeping the kitchen appliances and countertops clean, it is highly important to keep the sink drainage system free-flowing to avoid stagnant water which are conducive for bacterial growth.

Keep drains clog-free by flushing them with boiling water once a week. Boil one gallon of water. Pour half down the drain, wait a few minutes, and then pour in the rest. Never put oils or animal fat down the drain, as they’re a major cause of clogs.

The last and most obvious tip would probably be to have regular garbage disposal in your kitchen area. Avoid piling wastes for prolonged hours, as to this would invite unwanted “guests” (or pests) in our lovely kitchen.

The bottom line is to keep your kitchen tidy to avoid contamination of the food prepared in this area. After all, the kitchen is the heart and center of the home and this is where our family’s health depends on.

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