Kitchen Remodel for Added Value

Looking to add value to your Manassas home? Some projects like roof replacement or finishing the basement really do add value, while converting the garage into a playroom probably won’t. Redoing the kitchen, however, is pretty much guaranteed to increase your home’s value:

5 Projects That Really DO Add Value To Your Property

dding value to your home is easier to do than you think. You don’t have to wait for the real estate market to turn around and your home’s value to increase that way. Instead, choose the right home improvement projects, do them well…

When redoing a kitchen for the purpose of adding value you need to keep a few things in mind. If you’re getting ready to sell the house, remember that you won’t be enjoying it long; this is not the time to pick out your favorite lighting fixtures.

New kitchen

Also be aware that you can add value without installing only the highest-quality counter-tops and cabinets. A granite counter-top may add buyer appeal, yes, but if you buy it at $75-per-foot you will probably not get much of that money back.

Six kitchen remodeling projects that add value and appeal

Find yourself weighing the pros and cons of granite countertops in your spare time? Or considering the finer points of cherry cabinetry? Then you must have kitchen remodeling on the brain. …

And of course, use common sense and don’t overdo it. As the following article aptly states, “If you over-improve, you’ll get less at resale. Would you pay full price for a mansion located in a trailer park?”

6 Smart Home Remodeling Tips
There’s no guarantee that the dollar you spend on remodeling today will come back to you if you have to sell your home. Try these six tips for spending remodeling dollars wisely no matter what the project. …

Also remember that if you’re redoing a kitchen the chances are high that at some point along the line you’re going to need some help from a plumber. Golden Plumbing is there for all of your Manassas plumbing needs.


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