Pool Care

When I was between the ages of six and twelve my family had an in ground pool in our backyard. I pretty much was a fish for the summer months. My dad, however, had to put a lot of work into that pool so that we could enjoy it each summer. Having a pool can be a huge blessing, as long as you care for it properly.

Testing the PH pool balance

The most important thing with a pool is keeping the chemical balance right. This keeps the pool water clean and algae-free, preventing anything weird from growing in the water. You should follow these four steps for keeping your chemicals balanced:

Care for a Pool in 4 Easy Steps

Pools were made for having fun and relaxing, not working. Pool maintenance shouldn’t be a full-time job. You can simplify pool care with these four easy maintenance steps. …

It’s also important to at least once a week scrub down the sides, clean anything off the bottom, and skim leaves or other debris off the top. Unfortunately not everyone is as careful about keeping their pools as clean as they should be. Check out this article for some common mistakes:

Pool Maintenance Mistakes

If you have your own swimming pool, you are one of the lucky ones. Here in Phoenix, some people use their swimming pools all year long. Swimming pool maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult…

Finally, the pool needs to be closed at the end of the year and reopened in the spring. Closing the pool basically involves draining some of the water, adding a few extra chemicals, and covering it. To open the pool in the spring you just reverse the process. Before you refill your pool, however, talk to your local Manassas plumber about what your septic tank can handle. Some people can just refill their pools from their well, but we always felt that we needed to buy the water to be on the safe side. For some helpful tips on proper closing and opening procedures, skip to the end of the following article:

Swimming Pool Maintenance and Seasonal Care

Having a pool is great, but do you know what it takes to maintain a pool, and keep it clean and healthy for your family? …

Give your pool the proper care and maintenance, and it can bring endless joy to you, your family, and your friends.


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