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We usually say that our bank account dictates our bathroom design. In feng shui, it’s the other way around. Love, health, and even wealth may be influenced by how we set the interior design in our home.

So what exactly is feng shui all about? According to

Feng shui is the Chinese art of determining the most favorable design of a space such as a building, room or desk to balance the energy and increase the harmony of the flow of chi in the room. It’s believed to offer a wide variety of benefits, including but not limited to good fortune, inner peace, productivity and more.

Our bathroom is not an exception from this superstitious belief. In fact, it is one place where we need feng shui the most. The bathroom is an area in the house believed to be easily filled with “negative energy”, a room where good fortune is “flushed” or “drained” away. The first step listed in 8 Steps to Feng Shui Your Bathroom tells us to Plug the Drains and Keep the Toilet Lid Closed. Why?

To take care of the escaping chi keep the toilet lid closed and make a habit of popping the drains closed when you get out of the tub. You can also find plastic drain covers at any hardware store for showers which will effectively stop that chi from escaping out the drains.




Water, in Feng Shui, represents Money. This is why good water supply pipes are essential. In line with this, MindBodyGreen recommends indoor water fountains because they circulate prosperity energy in the home.





Although an important aspect of bathroom feng shui includes the location of the bathroom in our house, Old Construction Remedies and Cure can help us counter negative energies even if we did not get the privilege to choose out bathroom’s location.

Many homes don’t have the ideal bathroom placement, but you can counter the bad chi this creates with simple and inexpensive feng shui remedies.

If you find yourself debating whether or not to believe in this old Chinese tradition, watch this video to give you a new perspective about the 5,000-year-old art.

Celebrities and Major Corporations Who Use Feng Shui include The Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, and Tommy Hilfiger to name a few.

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