Showers and Water Use

Americans love their showers. There’s no getting around it:

Man taking a shower7 Revealing Facts About How We Bathe

As the senior research and development manager for Delta Faucet, Paul Patton conducts frequent surveys and studies to better understand the needs of his customers. Through this research, Patton has observed an intriguing phenomenon…

But, as my father informed me daily throughout my childhood years, showers use a lot of water. And I mean a lot. Someone posted a question on wondering how many gallons of water a shower uses. You might be surprised at the answer:

“The number of gallons of water that a shower uses depends on several factors. These factors include: duration, shower pressure, and shower head. The average gallons per shower is approximately 30”

Thirty gallons of water?!? Okay, maybe my dad was right to try to enforce military showers. Fortunately, nowadays water-saving shower heads are becoming much more popular, like this one:

A water-saving shower head not only uses less water, but it saves you money on energy for heating the water. Talk to your local manassas plumber to see about installing one today.


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