Kids, Bathrooms, and Clogged Drains

If you have kids in the house, chances are you can relate to this comic:


Calvin and Hobbes


Even if your kids aren’t quite as creative as Calvin, there are other, easier ways of clogging or damaging a drain. For instance, kids are apt to drop or flush toys down the toilet, whether accidentally or intentionally:

“GI Joes are some of the most common toys found in drains. A question that’s popped into every kids’ mind is whether or not their soldier can swim. After all, as a warrior he’d better be able to at least doggie paddle. Unfortunately, this particular GI didn’t get aquatics training and has been found all too often clogging up the drains.” (Excerpt taken from Quick Quality Plumbing.)

As amusing as a child’s reasons for dropping something in the toilet may be, it will become less amusing when your toilet gets backed up. Here’re a few simple ways of helping prevent such disasters:

Plumber Tips to Stop Kids from Playing with Toilets

Roto-Rooter plumbers in Manhattan have found some strange things when fixing or unclogging toilets. Some of the items create a mystery as to why or how they got in the toilet in the first place, but others paint a pretty clear picture. …

And it’s not just toys that clog toilets. Plumbers have found some pretty astoundingly weird items blocking up the plumbing:

The Weird Things That Clog Household Drains

You’re doing the dishes one night when you suddenly notice that your wedding ring is gone. Panicked, it finally dawns on you that your wedding ring has been swept down the drain. …

If you or your child drops something down the toilet and you can’t get it out, don’t wait to contact your local home plumber. A few dollars now will save you a lot of a misery a few days later.

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