Help! I’m Remodeling!

The moment of panic. You’ve finished tiling half of the bathroom floor, only to realize that you measured incorrectly and your tiles will not actually cover the floor evenly.

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We’ve all been there. That’s why when planning to remodel your bathroom you need to be aware of what NOT to do. Angie’s List has a practical list of five common mistakes that are easy to forget, but just as easy to avoid if we’re aware of them:

5 common bathroom remodeling mistakes to avoid

When it comes to home improvement projects, taking an old bathroom from dingy to dazzling can add significant value to your home — especially if you do it correctly. …

One thing, however, that the above list leaves out is the importance of using a licensed plumber. Take my dad, for instance. My dad is the definition of a handyman. He’s done roofing on our house, ripped up old tile, cut new, and put it down, and installed kitchen and bathroom fixtures. He heats his house with a woodstove because he enjoys chopping wood. And yet as talented as he is, the one thing he refuses to touch is the plumbing. He doesn’t trust himself to do it without damaging something, and the amount it would cost him to fix it would much more than just having a professional do it in the first place. Check out what the Service Alley Blog has to say on the subject:

“Plumbing is a specialty …. Good plumbers can ensure that you avoid the most costly problems imaginable (i.e. flooding, tearing out shower tile to fix bad plumbing behind the walls, leaks that can never quite be located, but drip for years to come). So… how much did you save by letting the non-plumber do the plumbing? Very little – if any. Contractor hourly rates and plumber hourly rates are not that different. Insist on a licensed plumber. “

Learn from my dad. Do what you can on your own, but know your limitations.

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