Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

FaucetThinking of remodeling or installing a bathroom, or just want to add a little character to it but not sure you’re creative enough for the task? Well, here are a few options to give you ideas.

If, for example, you find the color selections overwhelming, you might consider a black-and-white wallpaper design. The lack of color does not have to mean a drab room – far from it:

Black and White Wallpaper in 15 Bathrooms and Powder Rooms
Wallpapers are used in different areas of the house even in the bathroom. But of course you have to make sure that you pick the right wallpaper for the bathroom. Pick moisture-resistant wallpaper. You can ask that from the wallpaper seller since they know about what you will need. …

You could also try making your own shower curtain. If you want to save money or add a splash of color, there are a lot of options:

Weekend Projects: Make a Shower Curtain 5 Ways

Shower liners are a humdrum necessity. They perform the simple but important role of keeping water in the shower stall (and off the bathroom floor). The outer shower curtain, on the other hand, is purely decorative. And much like a well-chosen rug in a living space, the right shower curtain can be the finishing touch you need to bring together your bathroom decor. …

For remodeling ideas, you might find this blog useful. The writer goes into detail about her new bathroom – nothing too fancy, but you might see something that could work with your space:

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I gotta tell you, I’m pretty in love with our new little bathroom. Yes, it’s small but I think it makes up for it with it’s sweet little details and character. Now that we’re totally committed to the idea of the half-bath (no turning back once the drywall goes up) I’ve gotta say we are really liking having the extra space/nook in the corner. …

Or, if you’re feeling like the whole idea is just too much, you could always go with Lowe’s’ “bathroom-in-a-box” option:

Why I Love My Bathroom-in-a-Box

Organization is my strong suit; design, not so much. I recognize beautiful finishes when I see them, but I panic before a gazillion types of tile, granite slabs, and cabinets, trying to pick the ones that go together best. Add paint color choices and I start breathing into a paper bag. …

Whatever decisions you make for the design of your bathroom, when it comes to the installation you will want to contact your local Manassas plumber for assistance. While some things are fine do-it-yourself tasks, plumbing is generally not one of them. So do the smart thing and contact the professionals – before you’ve flooded the bathroom.


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