Bathroom Plumbing

Dealing With Bathroom Plumbing Problems Commonly Seen in Manassas

Image of a toilet used in a Manassas bathroom plumbing jobBathroom plumbing problems range from minor annoyances like slow-draining faucets to major issues like busted main water pipes that could flood your entire house. You can probably fix certain plumbing problems on your own, but others may require professional residential plumbing services in Manassas VA. When it comes to the bathroom, there are three major plumbing components that must be considered: the toilet, the sink and the tub or shower.

Clogged Toilet

The toilet tends to have the most frequent issues, which is generally from being clogged. When you see water rising up without flushing down the drain, a sense of panic may hit you and you will want to do something about it immediately. However, instead of flushing the toilet a second time, hoping that the first flush was faulty, cut the water supply immediately by turning off its shut-off valve.

Once you have cut off the supply, using a plunger will likely be enough to unclog it effectively. If the plunger does not work, you could try using a plumbing snake to break up or pull out any clogged debris. If this still won’t fix the problem, then you might have an even bigger issue in your hands, and it is probably time to call in a Manassas bathroom plumbing professional.

Running or Leaking Toilet

A running toilet is another common problem that can be fixed by checking the assembly in the toilet’s main water tank. The flapper, or the chain and plug that prevents water from entering the bowl, should unplug when you flush. If broken, water will constantly seep into the tank, requiring replacement. If you notice a moisture collecting on the bathroom floor around the bottom part, this might be caused by a broken wax ring. This would require the removal of the entire toilet to replace the ring underneath, a job best suited for a Manassas bathroom plumbing professional.

Bathtub and Shower

The most common bathtub or shower problem we see in Manassas is a clogged drain, which is usually the result of hair that collects in the drain pipe. Whenever you notice your bathroom drain is not draining as fast as it should, remove or loosen your drain plug and then clear out any debris of hair that might have collected in the drain. Clogs can also be flushed out using a plumbing snake or liquid plumbing drainer. Installing a strainer in the bathroom drains would also be helpful for catching debris, particularly if you have a drain with an open hole.

Bathroom Sink

If you notice that water is not coming out of the faucet properly, check the aerator and clean it out. If bathroom sink pipes are leaking, tightening them should fix the problem. If not, you may need to hire a Manassas plumber to replace the entire pipe. Boiling water and some bleach can be used to free up any clogs in the drain. A plumbing snake may also be used if this doesn’t work.

If you are faced with a major plumbing issue that you have no experience dealing with, it is always best to call a plumber. If you are looking for reliable and professional bathroom plumbing services in Manassas Virginia, contact Golden Plumbing & Heating today.