Troubleshoot Water Heating System Problems

Just like any other home appliance that we have, our water heating system also needs constant checking and constant monitoring to make sure that it is in good working condition. Everything has its limits and everything we own has its shelf life. When the time comes that your bathroom heater ceases to function well, then maybe it is about time to have it checked, repaired, or in worse cases — even replaced.

So exactly what are the red flags that indicate something is wrong with your water heating system? About Home gives us this helpful list below:

Let’s take a look at these problems and what possible causes and repairs you can try:

1. No hot water

2. Inadequate hot water

3. Water temperature too hot

4. Leaky pipe connection

5. Leaky water storage tank

6. Rust colored water

7. Rotten egg odor

8. Low rumbling or popping noise

9. Higher pitched whining

Furthermore, the website also gives us an important warning before starting any troubleshooting actions.

NOTE: Before any troubleshooting is done on the water heater, make sure to prepare safely for the job by doing the following: Shut off power to the electric water heater by turning off the circuit breaker or fuse powering the heater.

One of the most common reason why water heating systems get functional problems is when sediments accumulate the insides of the machine. This causes several problems like bacteria buildup, clogging and many more just as discussed in this article below:

What you’ll find on this page: The single thing that most water heater owners have in common is that they know they’re supposed to “drain their tanks” to extend their lives. That’s in the water heater instructions, and it’s because of sediment buildup. But that advice falls short, for reasons you’ll understand as you read this page on what causes sediment, what it does to water heaters, and the possibilities for effectively getting rid of it.

Here’s a video showing a thorough step-by-step guide on how troubleshooting a water heater can be done properly:


Don’t forget that dealing with water heating system must be done with utmost precaution since you will be dealing with both electronics and water at the same time. This makes the situation very dangerous and at high risk of electrocution. Remember to consult you local Fairfax professional plumber to make sure you are doing the right thing in the first place.

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