Plumbing Repair Service

Signs That A Manassas Plumbing Repair Service Is Needed

Image of a Manassas plumbing repair service job in progressWhen customers make plumbing service calls, they often complain that they don’t understand what happened because they found themselves in the middle of a plumbing disaster without any warning. However, although the average Manassas VA homeowner may not know it, a lot of plumbing problems do not happen suddenly or overnight. There are usually some warning signs indicating that something is wrong, and heeding those signs could potentially save you a lot of money. Fixing a plumbing problem before it escalates will be a lot less expensive than dealing with a full-on plumbing disaster.

Sputtering Faucets

One of the common overlooked symptoms of a potentially expensive plumbing problem is a faucet that sputters. Most people assume that the sporadic ‘cough’ from the faucet means that there is a little harmless air in the pipes. While this may be true, particularly if it only happens occasionally, you may need plumbing repair service if you notice the same problem in different parts of your home or if it is ongoing. There might be a crack or break in a water pipe. An expert plumber should be able to locate and repair the leak before it becomes too serious and costly.


Many homeowners tolerate slow-dripping faucets, but disregarding them could very well lead to lots of wasted water and costly Manassas water service bills. A small leak may indicate another plumbing issue, so while you can probably fix a leaky faucet on your own, it is advisable to have a plumber check it out if you are unsure about the cause of the leak.

Never underestimate the damage that leaking water can cause. Water that appears where it’s not supposed to is definitely a warning sign; even small leaks could lead to structural damage, creating conditions that may lead to mold growth. For instance, dripping sewer pipes could seep through the floors and walls of your basement. In case of any unwanted water or dampness whose source cannot be traced, a professional plumbing repair service may be required to deal with the leak appropriately.

Slow Drains

Whenever you notice that your sink or tub is taking a long time to drain, this is an indication that your drain isn’t working right. This may be caused by hair or another blockage, and there are materials designed to break up and clear blocked drains. However, excessive use of these chemicals could damage your pipes, so a Manassas plumber may be needed to repair a stubborn or recurring blockage completely.

Paying attention to early warning signs is the only way to ensure that plumbing repair is carried out without unnecessary cost. A plumbing repair service in Manassas Virginia becomes costly when pipes need to be torn out, lawns dug up or major work is needed to correct the problem. In addition, regular maintenance will help ensure your plumbing system is working at its optimum, and professionals will be able to identify potential problems that you may not notice on your own. If you require plumbing repair service or just need some advice from a qualified Manassas plumber, don’t hesitate to contact Golden Plumbing & Heating today.