Faucet Repair for Your Home or Workplace

A before photo of a faucet repair job we did in northern Virginia area

Faucets come with internal parts that wear out with time; the first to go are usually the washers, o-rings and then the seats and possibly the stems. This natural wear is largely responsible for the leaking faucets you may notice in your northern Virginia area home or workplace. The leaks may be dripping into the sink from the spout, or you might notice some leaking from the handle, with the water running on or below the counter.

Wasted Resources

In case of any leaking, it is important to carry out faucet repair as soon as possible, if only to minimize that amount of water that is wasted. While it may not look like it, you may be losing hundreds or even thousands or gallons of water every year, which you would still pay for even though you are not using the water. In addition, most leaks usually start on the hot side before the cold because hot water tends to deteriorate the rubber in the valves a lot faster. This will mean that your energy costs would also be inflated.

Do It Yourself

It’s no secret that a lot of northern Virginia area homeowners today know how to carry out their own faucet repair. This is commendable as it helps you cut down on costs as well as making you self-sufficient. However, it is also worth noting that unless you are a professional plumber, there’s only so much you can do when it comes to plumbing repair. For instance, if your bathtub or shower faucets are leaking, it may be difficult to repair the leak or replace the faucet when the valve is behind the wall. In such a case, professional plumbing help may be your best option to deal with the problem effectively.

When Expert Faucet Repair Services are Essential

Seeking professional help is recommended whenever you are unsure about the reason why a faucet is leaky or if it is a recurring problem. It is also advisable to call in the experts at least once a year for a leak detection inspection. This will help stop potential leaks and identify undetected leaks that could slowly eat away at your flooring or damage the cabinets in your northern Virginia area home.

Necessary Replacements

If the leaking faucet is 10 years or older, you may want to replace it with a new one. An older faucet would be more difficult to repair and therefore more costly. In addition, an old faucet will probably need repair on a more regular basis, which could easily cost you more than the price you would have to pay to buy and install a new faucet.

Leaky or dripping faucets in your home or workplace can be aggravating and could turn out to be expensive if overlooked. Do not allow a malfunctioning faucet to run up your water bill. With professional plumbing repair services in northern Virginia area, you can be sure that your faucets and entire plumbing system are working at their best. If you require faucet repair and expert advice on maintaining your plumbing system, call Golden Plumbing and Heating today. We are happy to help you solve all your northern Virginia area plumbing issues at a price you can afford.

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