Pipe Repair

Pipe Repair – Repairing Damaged Pipes in Manassas

Photo of a Manassas water line needing pipe repairA leaking pipe can be quite bothersome and could become damaging within no time, particularly in a commercial building. Unfortunately, pipe leaks tend to occur at the most inconvenient times, which is why it is important to know what to do immediately to minimize the damage before the repair has been made. As soon as you notice a pipe is leaking, the first thing you should do is turn off the water source. This should not be difficult if you know where the water valve from the source is.

Possible Damage

Once the water is off, you need to find out what caused the leak so you can decide how to go about the pipe repair. Panicking and leaving the water on could lead to a flooded office or bathroom and ultimately result in costly repairs. You would be surprised at how quickly even a small leak can create a pool of water. The amount of time the pipe has been leaking as well as the time the water has been left on the floor may require immediate attention, particularly if the floor was damaged by the water.

Emergency Pipe Repair

Depending on where a leak is situated, the pipe connected to the closest outlet is probably the one that has been damaged. Some of the things you should invest in to deal with emergency pipe repair include pipe clamps, plumbing tape and other tools that may be included in a pipe repair kit from your local Manassas hardware store. However, certain leaks, such as those found near a water heater, the problem may be more serious than a leaky pipe. A Manassas area commercial plumbing company should be called in immediately to deal with the problem.

Repair clamp kits usually consist of a rubber pad that is fitted over the leaky section, and a clamp that is tightened onto the pad to apply pressure for quick repair. You could also wrap pipe tape around the breached section to provide a quick seal. Epoxy resin putty strips with pull-off adhesive strips may also be attached and pressed around the pipe, forming an airtight seal that should hold until a Manassas plumber can repair or replace the pipe.

Preventive Measures

One common cause of leaking or burst pipes in Manassas Virginia is when the water line freezes. Once the pipe is broken, it s important to contact a trusted plumber immediately to get it fixed. You can also avoid this kind of problem by shutting the system off for any pipes that are exposed to intense cold during the cold season. For instance, sprinkler systems and water lines running outside the building should be given particular attention during winter.

Regardless of the extent of the damage to the pipes, it is always important to prevent further damage by calling a commercial plumbing company even after carrying out your own emergency repair. An expert plumber will be able to find the source or cause of the leak and provide a permanent solution. If you require professional pipe repair services for your commercial building in the Manassas VA area, contact Golden Plumbing & Heating today and get your free quote for affordable and reliable services.